US issues new screening requirements for synthetic DNA and RNA. Here's what you need to know →

Your gene synthesis security verified

Automate compliance with real-time screening and customer verification.

Aclid UI


An end-to-end biosecurity platform

Real-time screening

Real-time screening

Rich threat assessments and risk profiles delivered in seconds for hundreds of thousands of base pairs. Monitor orders at checkout and prevent misuse.

Customer verification

Customer verification

Automatic verification of licenses and registrations, biosafety guidelines, and legitimate use. Save time going back-and-forth with your customers.


Reduce risk, grow your business

Increase sales with a better biosecurity process

We complete all compliance checks at checkout. By using Aclid, you can prevent order cancellations and delays from lost emails and slow responses.

Spend less time reviewing orders

Our platform streamlines the compliance process by managing customer follow-up. Respond to fewer false alarms with all your data in one place.

Focus on your business

Let us manage your biosecurity process while you grow your business. We stay up to date on new regulations, guidelines, and research.



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